Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to earn money through writing


What the public believes is that you cannot survive on the income you make as a writer. What I believe is that as long as there is a possibility of getting an income through writing, then anything is possible. The experience of the public does not have to be my experience; and same goes for you.

Ever since I started working, writing is the only thing I know I am good at, and that skill is what has gotten me employment in the few places I have worked. So what about you?

Are you unemployed and wondering when an employment letter will be addressed to you? Or, are you looking for an extra source of income? Do you love reading and writing and wondering what your prospects are in the job market? Once you have the right skills, the opportunities open to a writer are endless. These skills include:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Amina Adefala talks about Gidan Nodza, makers of handcraft fashion goods

Amina Adefala is the Head of Design and Chief Executive Officer of  Gidan Nodza, a business venture that is into the creation of bags and other fashion accessories. Her business, which was set up in 2004 celebrates and promotes the African identity in a way that blends with trending fashion. SMEMarkethub, an initiative of GT Bank, describes Adefala as 'a designer with an eye for meticulous detail and a vision to provide her customers with unique and well-crafted fashion accessories'. Products of Gidan Nodza are mostly made of dyed fabrics and leather to cater to men and women alike. In this interview with UZEZI ADESITE, she sheds light on her business operations as well as other issues associated with the fashion industry. Excerpts:


Before Gidan Nodza, were you employed?
No, I was fresh out of Law school when we started Gidan Nodza.
How long did you nurse the dream of establishing Gidan Nodza, and when did you finally decide it was time?
I had always dreamt of having my own business as far back as I can remember but also felt the time would be right as soon as I left school.
Did you have any kind of training that prepared you for embarking on your own business?
l had to teach myself how to make bags.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tales of the Heart: I'm scared I would cheat!

No, my life is not threatened but my marriage is! My husband has told me categorically that he can never lay his hands on me again. I don’t mean domestic violence but sex. My husband will not engage in sexual intercourse with me anymore.
I thought it was a joke when he said it, but eleven months later, he is standing firm that he can never do it.

We are in our third year of marriage and have an eleven month old daughter. At this stage in our lives, everything is supposed to be super fine with us because we are this successful young and beautiful family – we are both under 30 and work in big multinationals and live in our own house that we both pooled our resources together to purchase last year.

Everyone who sees us on the outside, even our friends and families believe everything is super terrific with us because that is what we show them, but this is far from the truth.

Monday, January 19, 2015

She’s 21, an entrepreneur and trains others to start businesses

Though 21 and a Business Administration/Management undergraduate of the Yaba Colleges of Technology, Lagos, Nwafor Victoria Peace is a youth with a purpose and an author. She is the CEO of NVP Fashion World. The young entrepreneur, who started her business in 2013 is a future fashion magnate that will dominate the industry. Passionate about people development, she is constantly thinking about the youths and what more she can do to add value to their lives and reduce unemployment. In this interview with UZEZI ADESITE, she talks about her business, the challenges of being a young CEO, her future plans amongst others. Excerpts:


Where did you acquire the skill to make Ankara accessories?
Well I will say it’s a 100% divine creativity because it is all God's grace working in me. I actually did not go to learn like others. I just desired to do it and suddenly the idea came on and ever since, I have been working and even better than some who learnt. I boldly tell people that I learnt from the master himself, so they should not expect less from me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tales of the Heart: My Husband Left

I am confused and in a place I have never been before in my life or expected to be in. Everything was well with us. There was no quarrel, no misunderstanding of sorts. Biodun said he was going out for a while and just never came back home. Before you think something might have happened to him, he is fine and alive because I have seen him but he has refused to come back home. He wouldn’t tell me what I did wrong to warrant his actions, and it breaks my heart so much because of the pain he is causing our children.

Event management is a tasking profession – Udoh

Iquo Patricia Udoh is the MD/CEO Pattyclues Events and Décor. As the name implies, her outfit is into events management, decorations, party planning and whole sale supplies of food and food related items. This entrepreneur left a job in the banking sector to pursue what she sees as fun. In this interview with UZEZI ADESITE, she talks about the nitty gritty of her business.

Iquo Udoh

It is easy to understand why Pat, as she is called by friends, is drawn towards event management and decorations. She puts life and colour into her work the way she lights up a room when she walks into silence. She loves to engage those around her in conversations and has a knack for figuring what type and line of conversation someone would be willing to make, and toils it without sounding boring.

Aside this being her personality, it is a characteristic one must have to succeed at managing events, due to the inter-personal skill involved. When asked what the job entails, she said she must get to know her customers’ taste.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

REU: stakeholders to discuss real estate growth factors


Stakeholders believe that the Nigerian real estate sector ought to be more advanced considering the nation’s resources. The challenges to this growth and overcoming such are some of the issues that will be deliberated upon come October, at the third edition of the Real Estate Unite (REU) conference.
According to Ruth Obih, MD/CEO of 3invest Limited – a service real estate consulting and investment firm – organisers of the Real Estate Unite conference, the Sub-Sahara real estate market presents an attractive investment opportunity, considering Nigeria’s rebased GDP. She indicated that the real estate portfolio currently accounts for about 7.6% of the nation’s GDP and that it can be improved to be at 40% if better mobilized.
Obih, while addressing pressmen at a media press gathering recently to officially announce this year’s REU event and the conference highlights, said what 3invest and its partners aim to achieve at the 2014 REU is find ways to grow the sector through finance, infrastructure, red-tapism and education, thus the conference theme: ‘Igniting the F.I.R.E, where lies the key?’
“The two day event is a networking opportunity on an unprecedented scale to explore four key factors that we believe can catalyse the industry’s growth,” she said. “REU is a 3-tiered event hosting a conference, exhibition and awards with exclusive roundtable sessions.”
In arriving at the theme, stakeholders who are partnering with 3invest in different respect, explained that they had to discuss amongst themselves, look at the activities of real estate across the world, to find the gaps that needs filling in the Nigerian sector.
Chairman of the REU2014 Advisory Board, Mr. Peter Bankole, Director Enterprise Development Centre, Pan Atlantic University, noted that the continent has the youngest workforce across the world which can be successfully utilized.
“Real estate contributes to employment and that is one of the reasons why I am particularly interested because the more we are able to provide jobs the less likely we are going to have uprisings,” he said.
Mrs. Yemi Anyanechi, Managing Partner Sefton Fross, another partner for the event and Advisory Board Member of REU, said, in looking at trends across the globe, key indicators of finance should be recognized. “We focused on areas where they have gone from nothing to a lot in the real estate firm,” she said. “How did they get there? What did they do? How did they develop? How did they conquer their challenges? So we looked at issues that have been instructive then we framed topics largely around these issues. The idea is when we come in October, when the key stakeholders brainstorm and talk about it, will we be able to actually drive the progress of the real estate sector.”
When Mrs. Ajoke Ogunlaja; Head Corporate Communications, CMB Building Maintenance & Investment Co. Ltd. and sponsor of REU spoke, she explained CMB’s involvement was in other to bring affordable homes to Nigerians.
“CMB is a firm that targets those who cannot afford the luxury end of the market,” she said. “We are situated in the affordable housing of real estate. If you look in Nigeria, the middle class and the lower class can really not afford what we call houses in Nigeria and the four factors of F.I.R.E affect affordable housing.
“The reason why we are supporting 3invest is because we want to bring affordable housing to the everyday Nigerian, to the emerging middle class, to people who cannot afford this high end of the market.”
In financing real estate growth and promoting investments among individuals, 3invest CEO, Obih also divulged other interesting issues that will be discussed to ease investment. She mentioned mortgage insurance as a trend that can be introduced into the sector, which will be discussed at the Housing Finance Roundtable.
“Mortgage insurance is an insurance that compensates the lender,” she explained. “It is an insurance working with the mortgage company whereby before a lender lends money out, he already has insurance, in case the borrower defaults. So this is having the insurance companies, working with the mortgage banks so that more mortgages can be given out to help people towards owning their homes.
“Other ways to raise money for real estate, like scrap funding, will also be discussed. A group of people can pool fund together to develop a real estate and sell for interest. The whole idea is to teach people on how to pool fund together for investment.”
The REU which is also sponsored by Diamond Bank Plc. will also include presentation of awards to outstanding performers in the industry.
Munachi Okoye, MD of MCO Real Estate, the research partners for 3invet for the upcoming event, said the awards are in 12 categories that includes ‘Best Residential Project’; Construction Company of the Year’; ‘Best Real Estate Support Service’; etc.
“Ideally, what we are looking towards with these awards is raising the standard of real estate in Nigeria,” Okoye said. “We still have a long way to go if we talk of standards and this award is a very good mean of focusing on the best projects, people, companies in the real estate space, like putting attention on them and what they are doing.”
Also to be launched at the event which will hold on October 2-3 at the Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos, 2014, is the African Women In Real Estate, A.W.I.R.E. The focus, according to Obih, is for increased inclusivity and representation of women in the sector.
Some of the stakeholders expected at this year’s event are keynote speakers, Babatunde Fashola, Governor of Lagos state and Akon Eyakenyi, Minister of Housing and Urban Development; Simon Walley, Senior Housing Finance Specialist, Word Bank; Sonnie Ayere, Managing Director of Nigeria Mortgage Refinancing Company etc.

3invest and its partners are hoping that with the annual REU, there will be noticeable growth in the sector as they continue to bring together stakeholders and analysts who can debate issues, agree and bring about change that will grow the sector in the right direction.