Thursday, October 03, 2013

Years later, it is almost here

My book, it's coming soon. Watch this space!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I’m not boring

I haven't become boring
I haven't lost my creativity

I haven't become boring
I haven't lost touch with trends

I haven't become boring
I am not all about baby gist

I haven't become boring
No, I still have lots of hot things to tell
I still have those stories I want to write
I even have published quite a number of books upstairs

I haven't become boring
But I have become second to me
As mummy duties take over

I haven't become boring or abandoned blogging and being creative
I just need to figure out how to be a superwoman

So please, I’m not boring

Friday, August 02, 2013

One too many times

I have said this too many times before. I will just keep quiet and let my actions do the speaking, then we will know if I am serious or not.

Just recently, I added another job to my list: real estate. I have access to the best deals on offer for lands and houses. Why should you buy your properties through me? Because I have been reporting real estate for Hallmark Newspapers for a while now and have made lots of contacts and they are not fraudsters. So, bring the business here to my doorstep.

I missed you guys!

Monday, October 29, 2012

I have been thinking...

Art is what I love. Everything books, theatre, paintings, photography and the people behind these are what I love to report and write about. I used to do it, before leaving journalism. Then I returned and instead of what comes naturally to me, I find myself reporting properties and the environment. Interesting but not me. Where I work is a business newspaper and we don't do arts at the moment. I need to get back into that sector; the art world.

So this is what I have decided to do. While I continue covering my field as my job requires, I will start reporting my art again as an independent; not for any medium, but on my blog. I will attend the events, interview the artists and writers, read the books and do reviews, and blog them.

What I am unsure about is this- should I open another blog, or use this same one? Use this same one and change the name to something more arty? Managing more than one blog is a bit of a burden as I tend to ignore the one and focus on the other. I really don't know, but I am thinking using this same one, since I don't want to be ranting anymore about boring me.

Monday, October 22, 2012

I’m a mum… meet the little miss

(The long and short of it is that I am a mum. I actually typed all these about a month or so ago, but couldn't upload any pix so I saved it as draft. My little sunshine is now a big two months old and I am back to work today).

Yes I know I have been off the blog world for like forever. In all honesty, I tried to blog and follow the latest on blogville, but I was too overwhelmed with everything and work and just decided to take the easy way out; be lazy. Forgive me guys.
I and Mr. are now parents to the most adorable baby girl I have ever met. She arrived 

August 19th after a very enjoyable nine months of almost symptom-less pregnancy. There are parts of the journey I didn’t enjoy, one being how amazingly big my stomach got. Considering I am a slim babe, I didn’t expect to get that huge in the last three weeks of the journey. At a point, I resigned myself to the knowledge I would have a big baby since I added no weight on any part of me but my stomach. I don’t like small babies anyway.

I have lots of gist, knowledge and discoveries to share as time goes on that would help soon to be mothers. Bear with me guys, I will be back to update. 

Below is my girl at 6 days, 2 wks, 6wks and 2months. Seriously, I am back to blogging. No more disappearing act.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I refuse.....

I refuse to rant even though that is exactly what I feel like doing right now. So in place of ranting, I will say thanks to the Lord for having brought me and  my family this far. The year is obviously doing sprint and not a Marathon.

There were goals of course. First quarter goals posted where I could see every morning and pray with. Were they all met? No. Am I disappointed? Not really.

There are more goals for this second quarter and I refuse to quit believing. He said, though it tarries, wait for it, it shall surely come. So I will go with His words.

I won't complain. But I feel soooooooooooooooooo tired I swear. I wish I could just take a break of maybe six months or even a year! Oh yes. I have been working full time since 2001 and along the way I have discovered and learnt plenty. I have set different agendas and all. Still, I am restless. My present boss says it is the restlessness of youth. I wish.

Is this where I am supposed to be right now? Maybe not. Like I say sometimes about me, I get distracted so easily but I always direct myself back on the route I am supposed to be on.

So, I am on the road leading there. So I can still say thanks Lord for being with me all this while. With your help and direction, I shall return on that road. So if I am here today, I am supposed to be. So thank you so so much. And for the many many blessings you have showered me and my home with. It's exciting to know You and feel Your awesome Hands working. Hmm.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I have a Secret

I have a secret that is sweet. Not all secrets are sweet but this one is so sweet and it makes me smile and makes me happy and makes me praise the name of God always.

I know what I want to do tomorrow. I know what I want to end my life doing. I know what brings me joy and satisfaction and again I will tow that road because while I was on that journey, I got interrupted, so return I must.

On an entirely different thing, man, am I glad it rained really heavily today or what? I enjoyed every moment of it. Only regret of course is that instead of being under my blanket at home, I am at my desk at work feeling sleepy and wishy. It is well sha.

As the month of March rows (or roll. can't bother to figure which fits) out, I can say thank you God. You didn't disappoint on the deadline and You so weren't late. So thanks for coming through yet again.

And, I seriously want to publish at least one book this year o. Even though I know I want to do this, I also know I can't push myself enough down that road. Seriously need some motivation and help. Lazy me.